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ActionBridge Features & Benefits Architecture

Nimaya’s ActionBridgeŽ securely joins on-premise applications and data with SaaS applications in the cloud, creating a mashup. The benefit is a convenient and dynamic application securely empowering users to collaborate more efficiently.

ActionBridgeŽ includes these major features and benefits:

  • Conceal Secure Data
  • Synchronize On-Premise & SaaS Applications
  • Generate Proactive Business Rules, Events & Alerts
  • Reduce Data Replication
  • Recast Legacy Data
  • Manage Role-Based Security
  • Present Secure Gateways to Sensitive Data
  • GUI-Based Meta DataManagement
  • Manage Workflow
  • Minimize Risks & Costs by Configuring Versus Coding
  • Lowers Cost of Ownership

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