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Enterprise Data Mashups
What is a Mashup?

Enterprise Application Mashups are the result of combining functions, applications and data from multiple sources into a new application or virtual data service.

• Mashups take disparate system components that are important to various knowledge workers and combines them into a single coherent system, while preserving the integrity of the source systems and providing valuable insight.

• Mashups are an efficient way to simultaneously leverage on-premise systems alongside SaaS applications in the cloud to create more value, at a lower cost.

• Mashups leverage service orientated architecture (SOA) to accomplish synchronization among systems and securely interoperate beyond the firewall.

• Mashups take parts of multiple systems, applies new logic (on the fly) and presents everything in a novel manner that provides new information and value.

   • Mashups enable users to collaborate across systems and departments in real time. 

Example of an Enterprise Application Mashup

Managing customers is evolving into a complex process spanning multiple processes: sales, support and billing, to name a few. A CRM mashup virtually connects these disparate systems and processes to enable collaboration and access to complete view of the business. The CRM mashup contains vital information such as billing history, service records, support tickets and open sales orders, all within a single interface, enabling sales professionals to obtain the full amount of insight needed to management even the most demanding customers. Business processes outside of the CRM system trigger events inside the CRM system, even if it sits beyond the firewall. For instance, if an account is past due, the account manager can receive an alert via e-mail or on their CRM dashboard indicating that an account needs attention. Then, from the CRM system, they can drill down into the billing and invoice history (even though the data sits in an on-premise financial system behind the firewall.)

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Mashups Deliver Results Efficiently Enterprise mashups are efficient. They provide users access to what they need, when they need it, with the peace of mind that they are obtaining real time insight, without swivel chair activities (logging in and out of multiple systems repeatedly in order to complete a task). In essence, this is what on-demand applications are about. This huge efficiency gain for sales and support personnel that especially benefits those that are customer-facing (call center agents or sales and support reps). Finally, enterprise mashups enable users to take their business productivity one step further with access to never before uncovered actionable insight; simply by integrating mashups with workflow and business rules. Enterprise mashups deliver users everything they need to realize more revenue at a lower cost. Mashups empower employees to collaborate, make better decisions, and be more efficient. Because mashups are built at the API level using SOA, construction and deployment are rapid and involve minimal effort. Changes naturally propagate through source systems to the target mashup as business applications, data and processes evolve. And, SOA enables incremental development and deployment, so you can start small, while thinking big.

Mashups are changing the way businesses manage their critical applications in order to generate new revenue, reduce expenses and mitigate risk.

Learn more about Nimaya's Enterprise Data Mashups in our  ActionBridgeŽ Applications.

"We know we don't have a corner on creativity. There are creative people all around the world, hundreds of millions of them, and they are going to think of things to do with our basic platform that we didn't think of. So the mash up stuff is a wonderful way of allowing people to find new ways of applying the basic infrastructures we're propagating." - Vint Cerf

*Actually, master data hubs are perfectly cool.  No need to rip and replace them!  If you are currently leverage a data hub, or planning on deploying one, the hub itself becomes one of your primary data sources for the mashup.

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