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The Problem

The business challenge facing today’s organizations is to fully utilize existing infrastructure investments in realizing new capabilities.

The Fragmented Enterprise Information Business and government workers rely upon too many fragmented systems. Nothing is as connected as it should be for optimum efficiency and cost savings. Systems multiply: customer support, sales, CRM, marketing, operations, logistics, archives, and so on. While each system functions well independently, the need for information and analytics is inherently more complex than any one system. The problem is that workers must rely upon fragmented functions, data, and processes, spanning many systems. Time is wasted through inefficient procedures that monopolize employee time; and opportunities are lost as information becomes less transparent and accessible.

The Technical Challenge The idea of connecting many systems together, either to create a new system, or to synchronize them, is nothing new. But simply connecting systems does not necessarily create new value. And moving data from one system to another is inefficient, latent and expensive. Deriving new value in the form of automated insight, and making the new system ‘smarter’ becomes the real technical challenge. This challenge is compounded by two modern obstacles: security and the cloud. First, keeping functions, processes and information portable among systems and accessible to only authorized users is a complex issue. Second, as more and more of our applications move from on-premise (behind the firewall) to on-demand via software as a service (SaaS) in the cloud, our processes become less connected and security becomes greater an issue.

Not addressing the issue of “the disconnect” between on-premise applications and SaaS applications in the cloud can result in missed opportunities to create new value. And, not addressing the threat of security creates business risks (financial and reputation).

Therefore, solving this technical challenge of connecting systems and empowering businesses to generate more revenue, at a lower cost, and with less risk, results in:

  • Lower total cost to deliver services to customers
  • Newly discovered revenue opportunities
  • Newly found calculations and insight
  • Higher customer retention
  • Higher customer satisfaction

The solution is Nimaya’s ActionBridgeŽ Mashup Platform Learn more about how this solution can empower your knowledge workers.

A study by Kaset International found:

  • 96% of unhappy customers never complain
  • 91% will not buy again or use your service
  • An unhappy customer will tell nine others about their bad experience
  • 13% of unhappy customers will tell 20 or more people

Keeping your customers happy is a given, and it starts by empowering your organization with the tools they need to generate revenue, reduce costs and mitigate risk.

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