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Deventure Health Partners, A BPO Provider of Medical Transcription Services, Outsources IT Infrastructure to Nimaya

June 1st 2004 - DeVenture Health Partners, the New York based provider of healthcare outsourcing services, partners with Nimaya to make use of our offshore application development services to develop a Secure Health Information Networked Enterprise (SHINE). Under this partnership, Nimaya has built two releases of the software and deployed it into DeVenture's New York based production environment, where it is currently in use managing health information in line with HIPAA standards for privacy and security. Future versions of this software are under development.

Under this agreement, Nimaya works with the DeVenture business users to understand the requirements, organize them into a sequence of releases, plan the releases, develop, test and deploy the software at the client location. Nimaya works with the DeVenture business users to roll over the new clients onto the system. Nimaya also provides onshore and offshore based monitoring of their infrastructure and systems.

About DeVenture Health Partners:
DeVenture Health Partners is a New York based Business Process Outsourcing provider specializing in medical transcription services. Their proprietary network (SHINE) is a winning combination of leading edge technologies that helps you to improve your transcription process management. Regardless of the size of your organization, whether you want a total outsourced solution or just need temporary fill-in support, DeVenture Health Partners has a solution ready to meet your needs for fast, accurate, secure and cost-effective transcription services. More information about DeVenture Health Partners can be obtained at

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