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Nimaya Releases Nimaya 5, the Latest Version of Their ICM Platform

October 17th 2004 - Nimaya is pleased to announce the general availability of Nimaya 5, the latest version of their ICM Platform. Nimaya 5 provides several new features that unveil the real benefit from an integrated customer data. In addition, Nimaya 5 supports new and improved application servers including IBM WebSphere 5.1 and BEA WebLogic 8.1 and provides several security enhancements that make the information secure and track-able.

Nimaya 5 provides the following features:

Support for new and improved application servers: Nimaya 5.0 supports WebSphere 5.1 application server on linux and windows platforms. Also, the existing support for WebLogic application server is enhanced to support WebLogic 8.1 version..

Support for IBM DB2 database: Nimaya 5.0 supports IBM DB2 7.2 databases for retrieving the data. JDBC data connectors can be created to point to this database. Nimaya server retrieves the table and column information automatically.

De-normalized hierarchy support: Nimaya 5.0 supports the ability to manage hierarchies in the de-normalized tables. When changes are made to the hierarchies, all the de-normalized information is appropriately updated.

Performance enhancements: Nimaya 5.0 made several enhancements to improve the performance for serving the view data. Objects are cached appropriately to improve the performance.

Security enhancements: Nimaya 5.0 includes several enhancements related to security. A legal notice can be configured to be displayed to make sure users accessing the data are legally bound by the accepted notice. Users accessing the interface are tracked and measures are provided to prevent illegal access to the interfaces. Users can be restricted to access only certain section of the data based on certain filters provided.

Auditing: Nimaya 5.0 provides the ability to audit the data that has been accessed by a business user. Filters provided while retrieving the data, sources from which data is accessed, and tabs accessed by the user are audited.

Global alerts: Nimaya 5.0 made several enhancements to alert functionality. In this release, alert conditions can be calculated on multiple rows of data using multi-row alerts. An alert can be configured on a data element that may not have been configured to be displayed in the view. An Alert condition can include several dynamic constants.

Aliases: Nimaya 5.0 provides the ability to create aliases on data elements, metrics and alert output.

Metric filters: Nimaya 5.0 provides the ability to apply filters to the data included in the metric processing.

Hierarchical view enhancements: Nimaya 5.0 provides the ability to add and modify hierarchy records from hierarchical views. The data analysis functionality normally used in flat views can now be used in hierarchical views as well.

Custom views: Nimaya 5.0 provides the ability to display the retrieved view data in any kind of user interface as needed by an organization by specifying appropriate XSL and JavaScript files for the user interface.

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