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Nimaya Releases Version 5.1 of ICM Platform

January 17th 2005 - Nimaya is pleased to announce the general availability of Nimaya 5.1, the latest version of our ICM platform. Nimaya 5.1 provides several enhancements that help our clients implement the product faster with more out-of-the-box features and integration with portal serves.

Nimaya 5.1 provides the following features:

Support for portal servers: Nimaya 5.1 provides the ability to develop CustomerScan applications from its view designer interface and display them in portals built using WebLogic or WebSphere portal products. Customers using portal server interfaces can easily integrate the CustomerScan applications into their portal server environment and provide a single point of access for all their applications.

Enhanced application validation: Nimaya 5.1 provides better support for on-going application enhancements. As the application is enhanced in the configuration manager, view designer detects the enhancements and automatically checks the validity of existing CustomerScan applications. Invalid applications are automatically modified or flagged and the server and the administrator is notified.

Improved data aggregation capabilities: Nimaya 5.1 provides better support for data aggregation of from JDBC and Web Service based data connectors. CustomerScan applications can now be created to retrieve the data from both JDBC and web service based systems while the server automatically figures out the aggregation logic to combine data from several connectors.

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