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Nimaya Organizes Republic Day Celebrations at ZP High School in Konaseema, India

Technology firm conducted sport events, motivated school children, enhanced school environment and recognized the efforts of teachers in the school.

Hyderabad, January 31, 2007 – Nimaya, a leader in Integrated Customer Management (ICM) software applications, today discussed the celebrations organized by them at S. Mulapolam village ZP High School, as a part of motivating the school children in rural areas towards literacy improvement in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Over the weekend, employees of Nimaya Technologies, Hyderabad visited the high school and organized various activities. Amalapuram M.L.A Sri K Chittabbai participated in various activities organized by the Nimaya team. Respected MLA who has been doing a number of development activities in the region after being elected to the Assembly recently, has hoisted the national flag and spoke about the number of good things Nimaya team has been doing in the village including the flood relief activities they have done in the past. Later Sri Krishna Kadali, Director, Nimaya inaugurated the Saraswathi (Goddess of Education) statue donated by the Nimaya team to the school. Nimaya team presented this statue to be situated at the entrance of the school building to motivate the school children to reach higher level in their education. Later in the day several members of the Nimaya team have provided their experiences to the school children and spoke to them about how the studies should be approached and how school teachers, students and their parents should work together to build the future of the nation. Later, prizes were distributed to winners of various events organized in the school. Next day Nimaya team planted several plants in the school campus to enhance the school environment and to teach school children about importance of tree plantation.

Prior to organizing this event, the Nimaya team has contacted the school officials to organize various sports events in the school. Necessary sports equipment for various sports has been donated by the Nimaya team to the school. Nimaya team also learned about the situation of the school and current needs of the school children by talking to several senior people from this village including Sri K. Chittabbai, MLA, Amalapuram, Sri Satya Sai Babu – Ex-President, Gram Panchayat - S. Mulapolam, Smt. Usha Kiran – Mandal Development Officer, Inavilli Mandal, Sri M.V.V.S Murthy – Ex-Member of Parliament and a native of S. Mulapolam. Based on their recommendations, Nimaya team has distributed required educational materials and equipment to the school and school children. The team members of Nimaya interacted with all the children to motivate them and explained them the importance of education.

Speaking at this event, Sri Krishna Kadali, Nimaya Director explained the importance of school teachers in building the nation – ‘School teachers have an extremely important responsibility in developing the children in rural areas since the parents of the children are not educated and teachers need to play dual role of teachers and parents’.

Amalapuram MLA Sri K Chittabbai participated in the prize distribution event and said “We need more such people and organizations to come forward and help in rural development”.  

Nimaya is committed to helping the community through our service programs and plans to organize additional such camps in future to motivate the people in need, at the time of need.  Additionally, Nimaya employees have joined together to participate in a variety of charities year-round, including fund-raising for local charities and assisting the elderly.

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