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Nimaya’s ActionBridge Helps CRM Vendors Deliver on their Promises

Solution to be showcased at Microsoft’s Convergence Conference in San Diego

McLean, Virginia – March 9th, 2007– Can you hear it?  It’s the sounds of frustrated sales, support and call center professionals in the front offices of big companies.  They’re beating their fists against cubes, kicking computers and swearing at the water coolers. 

What’s the problem?  It’s simple.  Several years ago companies began deploying CRM (customer relationship management) software en masse for contact management.  But, soon the need to become more customer-centric developed.  This was complicated by two issues: first, data was all over the place and customer-interfacing employees needed instant access to a complete customer profile for call center activities, customer support, and sales; second, their CRM systems contained just contact and activity information and were not properly designed to fulfill this need.  Driving revenue, improving he customer experience, reducing risks, identifying opportunities, all became more important, and CRM fell short. 

What went wrong?  John de Wit of Nimaya explains, “CRM failed to live up to a lot of its hype because it was too cumbersome to implement and configure when it came to delivering on its promises.  Complicating this picture is the advent of SaaS (software as a service) CRM solutions.  This meant that the CRM systems (and their underlying data) were outside of the corporate firewalls, hosted by a third-party.  Not only did the CRM systems lack all of the information customer-facing employees needed, it simply couldn’t get to it.  Some companies brought CRM back in the house and created elaborate customer hubs that joined all the disparate information together, and then fed it back into the CRM system.  Yet others simply made do with having their employees access multiple systems to answer a single question.  That’s led to a lot of frustrated customers.  Not only that, but there’s a lot of missed opportunities when you are not running at peak efficiency.  Sounds pretty easy to solve, right?  Just collect the data you need and have one application point to it.  Not quite.”

Those fists are really flailing now.

“It turns out, that most of these projects failed because they either snowballed until they were unmanageable, or they couldn’t deliver what the end users really needed, so they were under utilized and eventually shelved or canned.  But without comprehensive CRM systems, customer-interfacing employees were left without the answers they needed to be more productive.  Or, with CRM functioning as a simple contact management system, missed opportunities were everywhere,” adds de Wit.

So what was the next step?  Well, companies shouldn’t be ready to throw in the towel on SaaS-based solutions.  Are those sighs of relief we’re hearing?  

Not yet, says de Wit. “With basic CRM needs being met by SaaS, companies still need access to their own data, that same data they’ve been trying to get at for years.  And what they really want, is to see that data along side their CRM data, and to have it be more proactive when it comes to their business model.  But, this data sits comfortably in systems throughout the enterprise, behind the corporate firewalls – right where SaaS applications can’t get at it.”

“This is where Nimaya’s ActionBridge product comes into play,” says de Wit.  We enable companies to access and interact with the data in all of their systems via their hosted CRM solutions.  Why build additional infrastructure when you can leverage your SaaS applications and virtually integrate them with all of your internal systems?  Nimaya takes the pertinent pieces of data, mashes it up with your CRM, and gives you proactive insight, far beyond what companies were previously deriving from their CRM systems.  Even those companies that invested in elaborate data hubs are turning to these enterprise data mash-ups between their corporate systems and SaaS solutions.  The hubs simply become another source that feeds into the CRM, along with all the other applications in the company.”

Want to Learn More?
Nimaya will be showcasing ActionBridge’s capabilities on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform at the 2007 Convergence Conference in San Diego, California from March 11 – 14.  Visit booth #1315 to learn more.

ActionBridge is also available for CRM users.  Visit for more information.

About Nimaya
Headquartered in McLean, VA, Nimaya helps companies realize higher levels of customer satisfaction at lower costs, turning customers into advocates, increasing retention rates and generating more revenue.  Nimaya’s ActionBridge, an SOA application, leverages data residing in systems across divisions, functions, and the extended enterprise.  By capitalizing on investments in existing applications, Nimaya delivers an easy to deploy and use, inexpensive solution, addressing the most trying issue plaguing corporate efforts to become customer-centric, consistent and accurate data.  Key to achieving this is Nimaya’s configurable business rules engine delivering insight and automatically generating proactive leads, alerts and tasks through unified customer views and enterprise data mash-ups.

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