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Nimaya Helps Companies Proactively Drive Business Processes

Solution to be showcased at the CDI Summit in San Francisco, March 25-27, 2007

McLean, Virginia – March 19th, 2007– Companies are beginning to find out that there’s more to their customer data than meets the eye, thanks to some new technology from Nimaya.

Traditionally, companies have a myriad of applications, each servicing a particular line of business or functional division (such as billing, finance, etc.)  Seldom do these systems connect to one another to exchange data or even display it side-by-side.  To achieve this, companies would often construct a massive system that moved data into a central location to maintain it and then continuously push it back out to other systems for utilization.  Not only is this costly and time intensive, once built, companies still had to re-engineer their existing systems to use that data and still they had no way to deliver information to the people that need it when they need it.  Additionally these systems are passive, requiring users to hunt for opportunities and risks.

That’s where Nimaya comes in. Nimaya’s ActionBridge applications enable companies to avoid the burden of constructing such a resource-intensive and elaborate system.  We achieve this by leaving the data where it belongs – in its native state, powering underlying applications.  Instead, ActionBridge displays data transiently (think of this as a virtual CDI hub), avoiding the batch loading and storage nightmares of older, out-dated approaches. 

Nimaya’s ActionBridge applications enable companies to drive business processes with proactive alerts and prompts for sales and support staff.  This helps identify new sales leads and potential risks via the automated creation of tasks, events and leads based on data residing within and external to CRM and other systems.  ActionBridge provides users with guidance and information based on a unified view of each customer that combines information from across the enterprise.

ActionBridge delivers real-time access to account information from across the enterprise residing in legacy systems (such as billing, orders, service history and transactional records) as well as third-party information sources (such as Dun & Bradstreet® and Hoovers®).  This data is presented directly within existing applications or portals, including those that are on-demand such as and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, eliminating the need to use additional desktop applications or access multiple systems via different sign-ons. 

About Nimaya
Headquartered in McLean, Virginia, Nimaya develops the CustomerGrid™, a leading platform and application suite for delivering real-time information and proactively driving business process through Enterprise Data Mash-Ups (EDM) and virtual customer data combination and analysis. Nimaya helps companies focus on customer experience and acquisition by capitalizing on valuable information within disparate systems across the enterprise.  Our powerful web-based applications and EDMs enable companies to maximize revenue by combining and analyzing relevant data and proactively delivering real-time actionable information and insight to customer-interfacing decision makers.  For more information regarding our products and services, please visit us online at:

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