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Nimaya Announces Sponsorship of IBM's 2007 PartnerWorld Conference

McLean, Virginia – April 17th, 2007– Nimaya, a leader in proactive information delivery helping businesses extend the value of their existing solutions, such as SaaS (software as a service), today announced that it will be exhibiting and showcasing its ActionBridge product at IBM’s 2007 PartnerWorld Conference in St. Louis, Missouri from April 29th through May 2nd, 2007.

“ActionBridge solves a real business problem – we access information from behind corporate firewalls and transiently display it inline with data hosted outside of the business in SaaS solutions such as CRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  We then drive processes through a set of business rules that among other things, dynamically creates objects such as activities, leads, events, tasks and cases, ensuring that customer-interfacing employees become more customer-centric and more productive,” explained John de Wit, CEO of Nimaya Inc.

For more information about IBM’s PartnerWorld, please visit:

About ActionBridge
ActionBridge extends and enhances existing CRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployments with automatic activity, task, event and lead creation, via on demand access to the critical activities occurring within and external to these systems.

ActionBridge enables users of hosted applications, (known as SaaS), to proactively alert and prompt sales, support and call center staff to opportunities and risks based on data residing within and external to their SaaS solutions.  ActionBridge provides users with guidance and information based on a unified view of each customer that combines information from across the enterprise.  

ActionBridge can be deployed as part of your existing SaaS solutions, such as CRM or Microsoft Dynamics CRM; or as a standalone application with its own configurable web-based interface.

For example, ActionBridge delivers real-time access to account information residing in legacy systems (such as billing, orders, service history and transactional records) as well as third-party information sources (such as Dun & Bradstreet® and Hoovers®), from across the enterprise, regardless of the source system’s platform or geographic location.

This data is presented directly within your existing CRM systems, eliminating the need to use additional desktop applications or access multiple systems via different sign-ons.  Examples of this information include product and services inventory, existing contract details, and pricing data.  ActionBridge can also be configured to present information transiently, and selectively copy information into the CRM system’s databases.

About Nimaya
Headquartered in McLean, Virginia, Nimaya develops ActionBridge™, a leading application for on demand access from within SaaS applications to enterprise data behind the firewall.  ActionBridge’s enterprise data mash-ups deliver real-time information and proactively driving business processes for customer-interfacing employees. For more information regarding our products and services, please visit us online at:

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