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Nimaya’s ActionBridge for Financial Services is Certified for’s AppExchange

McLean, Virginia – October 3, 2007– Nimaya, an innovator in virtual real time integration of with enterprise systems, today announced that its 2.0 version configured for the financial services industry has been certified for’s AppExchange. 

ActionBridge for Financial Services is a specialized version of the Application geared towards the unique needs of financial services organizations such as financial advisors, brokers, insurers and banking institutions.  The application provides the following major benefits for current users:

Secure Financial Data Mashups
ActionBridge enables users to create mashups of data and information from their enterprise and hosted (SaaS) solutions.  A mashup is created by combining information and/or services from more than one source into a single, unified result set.  The resulting set of information provides insight above and beyond the value of the individual pieces of data from the source systems.  ActionBridge mashups are seamlessly embedded into  Typical mashups include CRM data from (such as a customer’s contact information) with information from one or more of the following sources: legacy financial systems, billing systems, purchasing transactions, account portfolios, credit scoring, corporate profiles from Hoovers® and/or Dun & Bradstreet®, support systems and ERP systems.  This results in a single view consisting of the customer’s information, complete with their financial standing, on demand and secure.
Having this information in one place (securely and on demand) benefits customer-interfacing employees such as sales and account representatives as they do not need to access multiple systems and manage multiple passwords.  Most importantly, since all the information is in one place, productivity increases as employees are able to service customers more efficiently.  In turn, this leads to greater customer satisfaction and lower customer churn.

ActionBridge takes mashups even further by automatically taking action based upon configurable scenarios.  Doing so effectively “connects the dots” among disparate enterprise and SaaS applications.  Employees no longer need to manually search data for insight to discover value points such as cross-sell and up-sell opportunities; react to accounts that close prematurely; or search for the reasons leading to specific events and conditions such as late payments, large transfers or other risk scenarios.  This insight is delivered proactively through mashups along with alerts via e-mail.

Proactive, Event-Based Task, Opportunity & Lead Creation
ActionBridge provides automatic task creation to generate dynamic alerts that identify new leads and potential risks with existing customers and sales opportunities. Events are created based on rules configured specifically for financial services organizations, leveraging information both within and external to For example, if an account with an active sales opportunity (such as a pending mortgage application) in has an adverse credit event occur, or misses payment on another product, the salesperson owning the account will receive proactive alerts for these issues in the form of automatically generated tasks on their home page and alerts via e-mail.

Additionally, ActionBridge business rules can be configured to uncover cross-sell and up-sell opportunities resulting in tasks and opportunities that are automatically created within

From each task, opportunity and/or lead, users can access the specific information that led to its creation.  Users can further drill-down to obtain a greater level of detail regarding the current customer’s or prospect’s status, all without leaving the environment.

Leverage Legacy Financial Systems
ActionBridge delivers real time access to account information residing in legacy systems (such as billing, orders, service history, portfolios and transactional records) as well as third party information sources (such as Dun & Bradstreet® and Hoovers®), from across the enterprise and the Internet, regardless of the source system’s platform or geographic location.

This information is presented securely within, eliminating the need to use additional desktop applications or access multiple systems via different credentials.  Examples of this information include service catalogs, contract details, wallet share, and pricing data. ActionBridge typically presents this information transiently so it need not be batch loaded and stored in; however it can also selectively copy information into the database if it is non-sensitive data.

Existing customers can deploy ActionBridge and realize the benefits in days, not weeks because ActionBridge is based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and includes a wizard-based and GUI-driven management utility that eliminates the need for writing code.  Additionally, ActionBridge does not require the synchronization of data or the creation of a data hub.  ActionBridge’s seamless integration with security and access profiles makes deployment simple.

“Financial services organizations have a unique constraint when it comes to their data; they cannot move it out side their firewall or share it with other departments due to security and compliance issues.  The result is a heavily ‘siloed’ organization with no single customer view, making it a challenge to cross-sell new products, analyze accounts for risk, and service the customer efficiently.  ActionBridge resolves these dilemmas by keeping the data in its source systems and accessing it securely in real time when it is needed,” said Todd While, vice president of sales and business development, at Nimaya. “Our financial services clients are gaining immediate visibility into their customer base with the piece of mind that the data is remaining securely behind their firewall.”
Nimaya is a certified AppExchange technology partner of

About Nimaya
Headquartered in McLean, Virginia, Nimaya develops ActionBridge™, a leading platform and application suite for Enterprise Data Mashups (EDM) enabling real time on demand customer data integration and analysis.  Nimaya helps companies focus on customer experience and acquisition by capitalizing on valuable information within disparate systems across the enterprise.  Our powerful web-based applications and EDMs enable companies to maximize revenue by combining and analyzing relevant data and proactively delivering real time actionable information and insight to customer interfacing decision makers.  For more information regarding our products and services, visit

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