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Nimaya & Netrics Announce Partnership, Bring Data Matching to Mashups

PRINCETON, NJ, December 18, 2007 - Netrics, a leading innovator and provider of intelligent database record matching software, and Nimaya, an innovator in virtual integration through secure enterprise data mashups, have formed a key strategic partnership to employ the Netrics Matching Engine in Nimaya’s ActionBridge® software.

"With Nimaya's partnership, ActionBridge will be the only end-to-end virtual integration platform in the market place, enabling our customers to have the benefit of a secure and virtual single desktop that includes robust data matching," explained Todd While, Nimaya’s vice president of sales and business development.

While added, “secure enterprise data mashups empower companies to exploit the total worth of their data by combining all their information in a single virtual structure in real time.  But to truly leverage the power of total information, data accuracy is essential.”

“Nimaya’s virtual integration technology is a true innovation, connecting applications and compounding the value of corporate information” said president and CEO, Stefanos Damianakis. “What the Netrics Matching Engine does is enhance the comparative accuracy of every individual record. Nimaya’s ActionBridge leverages the matched records to mashup pertinent information across the enterprise and proactively delivers insight to the end users once Netrics reconciles any imperfect data.”

“We looked at a number of technologies and chose Netrics because it offers the best combination of real time features, ease of deployment, and matching accuracy,” said While. “Netrics technology is also very well-received in the industry.”

Enterprise Data Mashups (EDM) are the result of combining data from multiple sources into data services that can be consumed by any application. Nimaya data mashup technology uses service orientated architecture principals (SOA) to virtually combine, analyze and act upon data from disparate systems to quickly create new and valuable applications and processes, or to supplement existing ones. The partnership combines Nimaya’s expertise in virtual data integration and the data matching expertise of Netrics, to deliver Enterprise Data Mashup’s that are easy to build and deploy.

About Nimaya
Nimaya helps companies focus on customer experience and acquisition by capitalizing on valuable information residing in disparate systems across divisions, functions, and the extended enterprise.   Nimaya users benefit from proactive delivery of actionable information and insight via lightweight yet powerful applications.  These applications are built using the ActionBridge Platform that creates a unified customer view by virtually combining and analyzing relevant data in real time without moving data from its source. Nimaya's customers include members of the Fortune® 100 in telecommunications, financial services and manufacturing organizations.  More information is available at our web site,

About Netrics
Netrics' mission is tightly focused on achieving best-in-class data access and data quality solutions for real world applications - both in terms of delivering extreme accuracy and especially in the face of highly complex challenges. Netrics complements its software with a full suite of services, working with systems integrators and enterprises to solve their most challenging database matching problems. Netrics was named 2006 Gartner Cool Vendor in data management and integration for its “innovative, impactful and intriguing” database record matching software and was also placed in the 2007 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Tools. For additional information about Netrics and its products and services, visit or email


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